The weekend grabbed the stuffing out of me, runny nose, cough, misery. But I know that all of it is nothing but my Creative ME trying to pull the wool over my eyes.

I’ve been a Seeker of Truth since the Human age of 11….going on 60. I knew there was more to Sunday School then what folks wore, or what they ate a thousand years ago. Why teach that nonsense? So with my parent’s permission at the ripe old age of 12 I was allowed to find my own house of worship. As long as I went somewhere that taught the word of God, I could search to my heart’s content. Many, many churches came and went. I finally settled into the Christian Science Church where great Truths are embedded into the Service. I was just too young to comprehend the basics. I embraced what I could and began to develop my own Truths. You see, ANY man made church has man made rules. This is deceptive but it is a perfect fit for the Life here on Earth. Besides that, Mary Baker Eddy (founder of Christian Science) has a vocabulary that most can’t understand. I am going to attempt to simplify what I believe to be the mysteries of life unveiled. Yes, unveiled.

It is important that you enjoy the journey of life, whatever you have created. No matter what you endeavor to do, you are a perfect fit. Infinite Manifestations of Life surround you each and every waking moment, all illusions, all smoke and mirrors, all LIES. Barely one percent of what you believe or have encountered in life is Truth. A perfect design for the perfect Game. And you are a willing participant in this Game of Life. You signed up for this incredible journey. BUT, now that you are searching for more, for insight, for Truth, you will be led to the areas in your life that has consistently caused you stress, heartache and feelings of unworthiness so that you can reclaim your power, who you really are.

I will leave you with this thought today: there is NO life, truth, intelligence or substance in matter (everything around you, including your brain!). Wow. I have more to share and if you continue with me on this journey you can bet you are going to be “awakened”!!  I like to think that my brain (something that I created) could use some boosting and I have discovered a product that makes me feel sharper, happier (yes, happier) and my body is getting the best work out ever. Take a look, the website is


The Universe According to Carol

I’ve traveled approximately 5 miles via internet today, looking for good blogging sites. That equates to 3 hours of useless searching.

But I’ve learn a lot , cruising  the Internet hurts and completely destroys whatever brain cells that were originally excited and enthused about the adventure.

No more lessons, no more goals, only (and ONLY) if I enjoy the hell out of it. I am (still) in shock with the Truth’s that I have learned on my journey thru Human Life. Blogging is not for sissies. And one thing I learned on my internet surfing today is this, life slips by quickly, life is a wondrous story, life will continue forever. I have proof.

First Shocker: Ninety -Nine Percent of everything I have been taught to believe is a LIE (convoluted, twisted, negative, and damaging to my psyche).

Shocker Number Two: Right in front of my nose is the Answer  to living the life of my dreams.

Best Shocking News: Now when I look at the world, my surroundings, my family, my health, my past..I am at a profoundly peaceful place. Sometimes I get very giggly but most of all I have deep reverence for every piece of it. You can too.

And for you disbelievers: Don’t think for a second that I can explain away YOUR story. But I can show you how to make sense of every single piece of it.

This gift I am going to give you is directed at the interested person who is ready to face Truth. You’re probably in your mid 30’s and older.

You’ll feel like you’re at a cheese and wine party as the words begin to penetrate. Everything will be delectable to the senses and Truth will grab you by your ears and do lots of twisting! Oh, the pleasure of Knowing. It’s coming. It’s already here. You’ve stumbled across it many times in your own, magnificent story.

This blogging will be so pleasurable. Meanwhile, I’ve created lots of wonderful, wholesome routes to engage my brain and help other people.

Are you a woman (or man) middle age and ready to create a healthier you? Do you need to lose weight, have more energy, have less brain fog? I have participated in the Health Profession for over 30 years and I will give you nuggets of great information time to time.  My husband’s website is where you can actually see a picture of me if you get the Free Report he is offering.

Adieu friends until next post!

My Blog, My Opinions, My Truths

Hi, I’m Carol (also mother, teacher, wife, and a zillion other names) and it’s refreshing to finally have found a spot to share my thoughts with no hesitation. So Thank You WordPress, I appreciate this space.

When I was 2 years old I had bacterial spinal meningitis. Today, I am thinking that maybe I never had it. Who’s to say? Would they have records in the hospital from 1955? I don’t remember being sick. The story was told to me by my parents. Along with measles, mumps, whooping cough, all at a very young age.

Because of my brush with death and a huge discontent from my parents with the medical world, I grew up with no medicines in the house. Strictly the Grace of God and Chiropractic care.

I was not blessed with a quick wit or sharp tongue. My nemesis is that I am a “seeker”, a person that has always yearned for the Truth of who we really are and what this life as a Human teaches us. Although I will search until the day I leave this “planet”, I know I am coming close to the Truth and it’s exciting!

The best part is that I am unfolding my fists, relaxing in ways I never thought possible, laughing with a pure heart,